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Air conditioning maintenance technician


Transportation & shipping

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Our vision

We hope to be the largest and best home service site in the Arab world, as we have conducted in-depth studies of the Egyptian market to avoid defects and add many advantages that make us ahead of others by thousands of steps. Be confident when you request our services; you are requesting a leading company in the field of home maintenance.

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Why do you choose Sahl?

Home maintenance problems have multiplied for you and the bulk employment is not suitable for your home and the prices of maintenance companies exceed your budget. The situation is hopeless 🙁 
The opportunity is in your hands now.
This is not a fantasy but a reality. Take the opportunity and request our services.

With us, you will save yourself from fatigue and wasted effort in searching for a specialist who provides you with the required service with high quality and reasonable prices. We also guarantee that you will not be subjected to disturbance by workers or underestimating the deadlines set for providing the service and most importantly the guarantee provided on the service.

This is because we offer you a full range of home services characterized by

What do you expect from Sahl ?

we promise you the excellent service.

We will take care of everything you need and put it in our mind.
We respect and appreciate you and hope to share the same feeling.
we will always be on time, God willing.
we give you a guarantee for every service we perform so be reassured.
not just ordinary communication. We will contact you through an informed, trained and assisted management to solve your problem even if you do not complete the request with us.